Welcome to the Investment Gun Company

At the Investment Gun Company (IGC) we plate rare decommissioned vintage militaria in 22 Ct gold, nickel, white gold, platinum, silver, chrome and copper. Our plating and restoration is carried out to highest standards. We totally rebuild all investments from the ground up and plate to perfection all original parts,

…the result, stunning objects of desire.

Buying militaria as an investment can make sense if your buying something truly funky and perhaps one of a kind. We at the IGC have assembled the finest collection of militaria, each piece unique in its treatment. Your views on militaria can be set aside as each of our guns are deactivated within the UK and carry a unique certificate allowing them to be possessed without a Firearms Certificate. We at IGC have never seen firearms do anything but increase in value. Those increases are sometimes not as fast in one period as they are in another, but certainly they never go down.

Our customers are drawn to more than just a piece itself; they are buying a piece of history. Cost often is not a concern for modern collectors, who have changed over the years. The astute investors have joined the militaria collecting game, pushing up prices even more. As a result, the economic recession didn’t derail sales of collectible firearms, even when investments such as art and fine wine made negative corrections. Collectors are more attracted towards tangible assets they can hold in their hand.

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