Thompson 1928 TOMMY GUN


Thompson 1928 TOMMY GUN

A NEW EU Specification Thompson 1928 A1, with ribbed barrell, couts flash suppressor and Lyman adjustable sight.

With matching numbers on the body and receiver, quick detach rear stock and 30 round stick mag. The Top of the gun is marked ‘Tommy Gun’.

The stock comes off and the magazine can be removed.

The new EU Deactivation Regulation was implemented on Friday 8th April 2016, this means:

Any firearm newly deactivated from this date will have to deactivated to the EU standards.

Any current UK deactivated firearms that you currently own can be retained without any further work.

If you wish to sell/transfer (including gifting) a current UK deactivated firearm on/after this date, the Regulation states that it must be re-deactivated to the EU standards prior to sale or transfer.

This item comes complete wih the new EU Specification deactivation certificate, meaning you can sell/transfer this item at a later date.

We can accept payment by Credit/debit card or bank transfer.

The item will then be sent out on a next day delivery, price includes delivery.


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