Z37 Nickel


Z37 Nickel

In 1935 the Czechoslovak army bought 500 ZB53 medium machine guns for extended trials, designating these, the VZ35’s (model of 1935). After extensive use, the army requested a number of improvements and finally adopted the new machine gun for service in 1937 as the VZ37. The VZ37 uses belt feed, from non-disintegrating steel belts which are fed from the right side only. The gun can fire either single shot s or bursts of up to 800 rounds per minute

The gun was issued with tripods of several designs, but all were made to the same high standards as the weapon itself and, again like the weapon, were rather complicated and expensive to make, although comfortable to use. The tripods were adjustable for height, so the gunner could adopt a prone or sitting position, or could provide high-angle AA fire.


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